AQUASOL Tablet Salt 25kg


Suitable for a wide range of water softening machines and dishwashers in hard water areas.
This is a British salt product.
made from high-purity, fully soluble vacuum salt.
no harmful ingredients.
resistant to decay.
patented, convex form ensures maximum solubility and dissolving speed.


1-3 £13.50 EACH

4-9 £8.75
10-20 £8.30
20+ £7.75
42 (1 pallet) £7,65
49 ( 1 pallet) delivered £7.55- MUST HAVE FORKLIFT




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Aquasol briquettes (salt tablets) are formed by roll-compacting pure dried vacuum salt extracted from food-grade product which ensures purity and quality.
The carefully controlled compacting process produces hard, porous briquettes which rapidly dissolve to produce high quality brine.
Aquasol salt briquettes comply with BS EN 973:2009, the internationally recognised specification for salt used in water treatment applications



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