Tablet Salt 10kg


Bag weight: 10kg

Approximate Bags Measurements
35cm wide x 55cm long x 14cm deep
Individual tablets are roughly a 1 inch square pillow shape

Discount rates as follows:-
6-9 £6.60
10-14 £6.50
15-19 £6.40
20+ £6.25

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Hydrosoft water softening salts will dissolve evenly, this aliviates the issues of undissolved salt building up

water softener salt tablets function with the latest technology. With no form of modification; these are one of the purest water softening salt tablets in the market and and will ensure best results.

Hydrosoft granular or tablet water softener salt are 99.9% pure and suitable for use in all makes of water softener – consult your softener guidelines to see whether the manufacturer recommends granules or tablets

Discount rates as follows:-

6-9 £6.50
10-14 £6.40
15-19 £6.30
20+ £6.25

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