Trojan Composite SALT Spreader


Composite Salt Spreader – 35 Litre
Salt spreader constructed using new composite plastics to reduce corrosion and provide a longer lifespan and lighter weight, more manoeuvrable spreader. Ideal for use in tough winter conditions.
Hopper capacity: 35 Litres
Polyethylene hopper for corrosion resistance
Robust agitator finger to reduce blockages
Stainless steel push rod with three length settings for ergonomic use
Adjustable spread width limiter
Accurate volume of salt/grit control with fixed stop
Strainer insert
Pneumatic wheels for maximum grip


Product Name Trojan Composite
Spreader Type Spinner (scatters salt outwards)
Capacity 35kg
Min Spread 1.0m
Max Spread 4.0m
Weight 11.7kg
Assembled Dims 85x53x91cm
Hopper Plastic
Frame Composite Plastic
Wheels Pneumatic
Ideal for small to medium sized playgrounds and car-parks. Can be used on driveways and wider paths. Covers a large area of ground in a single pass.
Other Data • Suitable for use with de-icing salt BS3247:1991
• Adjustable handle height
• Robust Agitator Finger
• Adjustable Spread Rate
• Spread Guard Attached


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