ULV 50 Fogger


Summary key benefits

The ULV 50 Fogger / Disinfectant Sprayer is designed for simple convenient use. Easy to operate, durable and low maintenance.
ULV foggers are ideal for pest control and also for odour control and disinfecting or sanitising, e.g. in care homes, hotels, food plants etc.
Also ideal for deodorising smoke contaminated buildings, as the fine fog can penetrate porous surfaces.
A fast and effective tool for disinfecting all areas large and small with constant usage, high engagement and frequent human touch or traffic. With its powerful 1200 Watt motor, the ULV50 takes less time and disinfectant to cover large areas, indoor and outdoors. Can be used portable or stand alone.
Example applications include: Office spaces and other small business premises, classrooms and nurseries, hotel rooms and holiday accomodation, vehicles, equipment and machinery.
How to use the ULV 50 Disinfecting Machine
Mix the disinfectant into the tank.
Switch on and cover all of the areas you need to sanitise.




User manual, safety guidance and certificate all included. 

ULV 50 Technical info
Voltage: 230v
Motor: 1200w
Tank Capacity: 5 litre
Coverage: 1000 m2/hour
Spray Volume: 0-330 ml/min
Nozzle Type: Fixed
Spray Angle: Adjustable
Power Cord: 5 metres
Weight: Approx 4.5kg (empty)
Dimensions: 195mm W x 430mm L x 550mm H




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