Atlas II Composite SALT SPREADER


Salt and Cleanz new salt spinning spreader will help user/organisation rapidly apply salt over a large area. With a max spread of 4M at walking pace and adjustable features, This spreader is a must for any organisation wishing to rapidly combat ice and snow. Constructed from corrosion proof plastic, will be super durable and pass the test of time.


Delivery approx. 3-4 days- special delivery options available by contacting our office.


Product Name Atlas II Composite
Spreader Type Spinner (scatters salt outwards)
Capacity 25kg
Min Spread 1.0m
Max Spread 4.0m
Weight 10.6kg
Assembled Dims 78x35x91cm
Hopper Plastic
Frame Composite Plastic
Wheels Pneumatic
Ideal for small to medium sized playgrounds and car-parks. Can be used on driveways and wider paths. Covers a large area of ground in a single pass.
Other Data • Suitable for use with de-icing salt BS3247:1991
• Adjustable handle height
• Robust Agitator Finger
• Adjustable Spread Rate
• Spread Guard Attached


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